Game Zone is NEW and IMPROVED with some of the latest arcade games that Aspley 10 Pin Bowl has to offer. From everyone's favourite Daytona USA to the Transformers Human Alliance. Here's a breakdown as to what arcade games we have at the venue.

Human Alliance

Join forces with Bumblebee, Sideswipe and the heroic Optimus Prime in Sega’s latest action adventure game, TRANSFORMERS Human Alliance.


This is based on the popular Transformers film franchise that has taken in over $2.6 billion worldwide with a fifth film released in June 2017.

The Arcade Theatre cabinet was designed to seat 1-2 players, contained in a huge and highly attractive Bumblebee-themed design with a large 55″ HD Monitor and 5 regions for players to defend.


Only you can help the Autobots in their quest to stop the Decepticons before they find the All Spark, a material capable of bringing any mechanical or electronic object to life.

$2.00 Per Game

Bean Bag Toss

From the world leading manufacturer ICE, who have created top redemption games like Down the Clown, Milk Jug Toss and Whack N Win, comes their latest smash hit Bean Bag Toss! Bean Bag Toss fits right into your existing Skill Wall and builds upon that classic carnival theme that's all about good old fashioned fun for all the family!

Simple and intuitive, Bean Bag Toss has players toss beanbags into target holes on a spinning disc, with the added feature of allowing them to score extra points by getting three holes of the same colour in a row.

Just like all the other ICE Skill Wall games, the player knows precisely what to do from the get-go and will keep coming back for more to try and score that perfect game and win the bonus tickets!

$2.00 Per Game

Championship USA

DAYTONA® USA is the holy grail of arcade racing - First launched in 1994, this brand new entry brings Sega’s #1 racer screeching into the 21st century!


DAYTONA® Championship USA features three brand new tracks including a recreation of the newly renovated DAYTONA International Speedway®!


In addition, the original three classic courses have been remastered for the modern era.

This Standard cabinet is designed to fit in more locations.


Lit from top to bottom with bright LED edge lighting the game is a head turner.


The cabinet marquee features the stylish yellow Hornet car.


Have you got what it takes to take the flag again.... because DAYTONA® is back!

$2.00 Per Game

Flappy Bird
with Prize Redemption

Downloaded over 50 million times, the Flappy Bird app is now life size!


Bay Tek’s licensed Flappy Bird is sure to draw attention with the larger-than-life screen and a game play that will have players coming back for more.

$2.00 Per Game

Down The Clown

Down the Clown brings one of the most popular midway games right to your game room. Down the Clown made its debut at IAAPA and customers were instantly drawn to our newest installment of our carnival series.

Down the Clown is perfect for players of all ages, and was designed to allow for two players to play side by side or compete against each other for a high score.

Players toss balls at the different sized clowns for points, hitting certain clowns adds bonus points as the players attempt to the hit the interactive big bonus.

Just like walking the real carnival, Down the Clown incorporates a fun and quirky “carnie” voice that heckles, engages and encourages players of all ages.

As the players successfully knock down the clowns a mechanical arm lifts the clowns back up after being hit, creating a truly interactive, whimsical, and family entertaining ball toss game.

$1.00 Per Game

Ducky Splash

Make a Big Splash with this Adorable Water Gun Game!

Ducky Splash is a 1- 2 player water shooting game which offers both simplicity and excitement – perfect combination for a great family game!

The object of the game is to use the Dino water guns to shoot rubber ducks into the 2 tunnel entrances. Players must shoot as many ducks as possible into their own entrance before the time runs out. Each time a duck passes through the entrance, player’s score increases. Tickets will be awarded based on the final score

$1.00 Per Game

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