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A junior tenpin bowling league for children up to 18 years of age is a great way to get them involved in a sport that can be played in all kinds of weather. There are no sign up fees, plus we have experienced coaches on the lanes while they bowl! Parents can even get involved and keep track of how their kids are progressing. Your son or daughter could even become the next tenpin bowling national or world champion!


Want to bowl, but can't make it to bowling every week due to other sport, educational or family commitments? Don't worry! We have what's called a Pre-Bowl System.
How does the Pre-Bowl System work? Come in on any other day (bookings are preferred), complete your games and we'll record the scores so when you can't make it to bowling for a particular date, your scores will be entered on that day!

Missed a week or two? Catch up on your Prize Fund Fees (a small portion of your weekly payment) to cover the cost for your awards at the End of Season Awards Party!

Have a look at the Junior Leagues that we offer below here at Aspley 10 Pin Bowl and decide which is best for your child.

We are also a Queensland Fair Play Voucher Venue!
Redeem up to $150 per Fair Play Voucher to go towards your child's weekly bowling!

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