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The Foul Line

At Aspley 10 Pin Bowl we strive to ensure your safety but there are inherent risks with using our centre. To reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others while you enjoy our facilities please follow these simple rules:

How to stay safe and have more fun!

Responsibility Aspley 10 Pin Bowl is an environment for all different age groups. Parents and carers must take responsibility for persons under their supervision to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Aspley 10 Pin Bowl Team You must follow all verbal instructions or warnings given by our friendly team as well as any safety information displayed in our centres. If you require any assistance please speak to any of the Aspley team.


The Foul Line All bowling lanes are covered with oil and are extremely slippery. There are warning signs at the start of each lane (the black foul line) showing you where the oil starts. Crossing the foul line and stepping on the oily surface may cause you to slip, fall and can cause serious injury. Do not cross the foul line on any occasion but instead see our friendly staff if you require assistance.

The Automatic Pinsetters - Our automatic pinsetters are fitted with infra-red sensors so when a bowling ball passes through the photo cell, it will trigger the pinsetter to drop the sweep and start the process of picking up the remaining standing pins, clear any fallen / remaining pins and or place down a full set of pins for the next player. Only one ball is to be rolled down the lane at one time. 
(It doesn't like it when a ball hits the sweep!) Please wait for the sweep to return up to its home position so it's ready for the next ball.

The Ball Return The ball return has moving parts. Warning signs are present at each ball return indicating the danger of placing hands in the return. Keep your hands away from the opening of the ball return and ball return tray. Please wait for your ball to come to rest before collecting it - we don’t want squashed fingers. Please watch children in the vicinity of the ball returns.

Bowling Shoes - These specially shoes designed for bowling which have a rubber & leather sole must be worn when bowling. If you have your own bowling shoes please seek approval for their use from our friendly staff. If you need to go outside, please remove your bowling shoes and put on your own or purchase covers for your bowling shoes from the Pro-Shop by clicking here.

The Approach - This is the area where you take your walk-up to the lane. No food or drink is allowed on the approach area. Slippery, wet or sticky areas can cause a fall and serious injury. If you notice any issues with the approach stop bowling and seek assistance from the Aspley 10 Pin Bowl team.

The Service Isles - These isles are located at both ends of the facility and are used solely for our bowling mechanics for easy access to the "behind-the-scenes" of our centre where our bowling pinsetters are located. Just like the Foul Line, only the Aspley 10 Pin Bowl Staff are allowed past that point.


No food or drinks are to be brought into the arcade room or consumed near an arcade machine. Any spills must be alerted to our friendly staff as soon as possible.

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