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Here at Aspley, we offer a range of options to help you improve on your game.

Aspley League Bowler Rates Per Game:

  • $5.80 Per Game

  • $20.00 for 4 Games*

*Games cannot be shared. 

Rates Per Timed Session Per Lane:

  • 30 Minutes for $14.30

  • 1 Hour for $22.50

Ask about our Figures setup for spare-shooting. Only available at Aspley 10 Pin Bowl.

Non-Aspley TBA Members:

  • $6.50 Per Game

League practice rates are not available after 5pm on Friday & Saturday Nights.

League Bowlers & TBA Members Rates after 5pm on Friday & Saturday nights:

  • $14.90 for 2 Games, or;

  • $20.40 for 3 Games.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is TBA?

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is the National Sporting Organisation as recognised by Sport Australia. Tenpin bowling is a sport for all, with no age, size, speed or strength limitations.  It is scored objectively and is adaptable to any schedule or number of participants.  Requiring mental and physical precision, stamina and skill, bowling is a safe, inclusive, family/community oriented LIFETIME sport. 

I'm a TBA Member, but don't have my TBA Membership card on me. What do I do?

TBA Memberships are digital and you can visit:, search for your name and match it with the centre you have signed up to. Click on your membership number and click on your membership card. Show your card either on your mobile device or via a printout.

What is Figures?

Figures in Brunswick GS-Series Pinsetter terms is an option where the bowler can select any combination of pins at the Player Control Station located at the Ball Return. The pinsetter will continue to set the same conbination of pins until the bowler chooses to change it, without the assistance of a technician. This is also used for spare-shooting purposes.

How to ask for Figures?

When purchasing a Timed Session, ask for Figures or that you would like to do spare-shooting at the Reception at the time of purchasing your timed session. If however, you would like to revert back to normal practice during your timed session, ask at Reception.

How do I set up my own combination of pins?

On the Player Control Station, you'll see all 10 pins, each with their own buttons. A "Set" button and a "Cancel" button.

Step 1: Press the Cancel button. When pressed, all red lights on all 10 pins will turn off.

Step 2: Press the corresponding pin/s that you would like to have set up. Make sure the red light turns on.

Step 3: Press Set. The pinsetter will then set that same combination of pins everytime until you change your mind and when you do, repeat the process. 

Why does my scoring not advance a frame?

Chances are, you've selected a combination of pins that is difficult to convert for either a spare or if you have all 10 pins setup, a strike! When this happens, the score for that frame will over-written with the last result. 

When you achieve your spare or strike, the scoring system will advance you to the next frame. 

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