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Now look, just because your parents don't want to host your next birthday party on a yacht, on a tropical island, or at a five-star restaurant, but that doesn't that your parents want to ruin your life. They just heard about the good stuff that happened when they were your age and figured Old School is now the New School. Now, let the good times roll!

They're not wrong. Aspley Bowl are birthday party experts. We know what you want. A non-judgy place to hang out with your bestie. Cool music. The opportunity to show off some smooth bowling moves to that special someone.
And yes, good food. We have experience with hungry mobs, you know!

You can really let your hair down at Aspley Bowl to make the most of the bowling and even arcade games. Do themed dress up parties (we all like to be lame sometimes), dress down, bring your friends, your date... And even your parents every so often. (Ignore them if they dress up in bathrobes and use the word "dude" a lot. It's a bowling thing.)


2½ to 3 Hour Duration

  • 2 Games of Bowling & Shoes

  • Choice of 3 Meals below:*

  • Small Soft Drink

  • Complimentary Game Voucher for the Birthday Child to use on their next visit.

  • Discount Bowling Voucher for each guest.


  • Extra Game of Bowling - $5.50 Per Child

  • Bumpers if required

  • Other extras found here.

Meals: Select 1 menu only:

  1. Hot Dog & Hot Chips

  2. 2x Spring Rolls, 2x Meatballs & Potato Wedges

  3. Mini Pizza & Hot Chips

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