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- From 14th April 2022, Check-ins are no longer required and are also no longer required to show your proof of vaccination status. 

What does this mean now?

Everyone are now welcome to enter our venue!

Will sanitizing of the seating and bowling balls continue after each group? 

Yes, we are committed to keep sanitizing bowling balls and seating after each group has finished their bowling session.


Do we have to wear face masks whilst inside the venue?
As directed by QLD Health, it is not a requirement to wear a face mask while inside. If however, you would like that extra protection and have forgotten your own, we can supply you a face mask free of charge. 


To keep all of our patrons safe, we have kept in place the following restrictions throughout the venue:

- 1 person per 2 square metres when not bowling.

- Restrooms: Limit of 8 persons only at a time.

- Club Room: Limit of 40 persons only at a time.

- Arcade Zone: Limit of 60 persons only at a time.

- Party Room: Limit of 16 persons only at a time.
Proshop: Limit of 4 persons only at a time.

- Please always remember to social distance when you're not bowling.

- Sanitize using our sanitizing stations located across the venue. 

As a reminder to all of our patrons, please follow the guidelines and staff directions.

Play your role, so we (and you) can bowl.


The team here at Aspley 10 Pin Bowl are committed to helping you keep safe by maximizing the fun and limiting the spread during your visit to our venue.

  • Bowling balls will continue to be cleaned and returned to the rack after every group by our team. 

  • Seating and table tops in the players area will also be sanitised after each group.

  • Tables and chairs near the Café will also be sanitised after each group.

  • Extra staff will be available during peak times.

Stay Home If You're Sick

Everyone loves the sound of a good strike, or munching on a 300-Burger. However, your health and everyone else's health is paramount. Please, stay home if you are showing any signs of illness. Our team will be doing the same. We'll gladly postpone any bookings if you can't make it on a particular day.

Team Certified Training

Our team have all completed and been certified with our new training, developed to cover everything COVID-19 related so they understand what COVID-19 is, how it is best prevented, what sanitisation cleaning is required and how this is done, and what to do in the event that a team member or Guest in the venue has flu like symptoms.

Minimal Touch

  • We've increased the number of hand sanitising stations in our venue.

  • While we still accept cash, we encourage you to use contactless payment instead of cash. PayWave has been enabled on our Eftpos Terminals.

  • Bowling shoes will still be required to be worn and we will ensure that they are sanitised after each use.

Keep the Distance

  • Upon arrival, there are markers leading towards reception to check-in for your bowling excitement.

  • In the main foyer section of the venue is where the 1.5m social distance is asked of all patrons.

  • There are "Tenpin Bowling: Field of Play" posters located across the venue reminding all spectators are not allowed in the blue vinyl "field of play" area while competition is played.

Food and Beverage

  • We have table seating for dining, these has been spread out for your comfort and safety.

  • Our kitchen health & safety practices follow the highest standard, and we will continue this especially during this time. 

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