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Let us host your next Fundraiser event here at Aspley 10 Pin Bowl!

With an Aspley 10 Pin Bowl Fundraiser Event, you’ll receive a special bowling rate for each guest, invite everyone you know, pick a date and time and let our experienced staff manage the whole thing.

Let’s say if there were a bowling alley full of laughing people shouting with gratification for each strike they bowl, you’ll know they’re all having a great time!

We have two standard options to choose from:

Option 1) Pay Per Game.  

$7.50 Per Game*
​Includes FREE Shoe Hire

Option 2) All You Can Bowl.

$16 Per Person for 2 Hours
​*Minimum 4 people per lane

What you charge your guests on top is completely up to you.
The best part is... YOU KEEP THE PROFITS!!

So, let’s do some calculations... Let’s say you bring along 50 people playing 2 games of bowling each and you charge $21.00 per person with option 1, you’ll make $6.00 per person – making a total of $300 for the event!

Fundraising doesn't stop there!
You can also run raffles, silent auctions, and "pin-a-thons" to help add more excitement and funds towards your event.

Options including food & beverage a
re also available.

Fundraising options are available for a minim
um of 30 guests.
Further discounts may apply for 100+ guests.

Please contact Jason @ Aspley 10 Pin Bowl on 3263 8848 for more Information

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