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Social Bowling FAQs (with answers!)


I am ready to bowl, how long does one game take to complete?
One game of bowling lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour for 5 to 6 people. Plenty of time to score a perfect 300.

To be more specific, it translates to each game lasting approximately 10 minutes per person on the lane.

Awesome, but how many people per lane? 
Our scoring system allows up to 10 people, however for an ideal pace, we suggest 6 people or less per lane.
If you have more people playing and you are keen to have lanes next to each other, book online here. Or call us directly on 3263 8848.


I have more than 6 people bowling in my group, will we be bowling together?
Yes, you will, if you book ahead and guarantee your lanes. For all bookings of over 6 people, you will automatically be given 2 or more lanes side-by-side.

Me and my friends want to go bowling late at night, can we still bowl on one lane?
While we would like to stay open until our designated trading times, there are no guarantees that we will stay open till then due to low patronage as it gets closer to closing time. So, we will allocate you 2 or more lanes side-by-side to enable your group to finish your games with sufficient time.

I wore thongs, and forgot my socks, do you sell socks in centre?
Yes we do, we have socks for sale, available in men’s and women’s sizes.


How much do a pair of socks cost?


What is the deal with shoes, can't I just wear my own?
Bowling shoes are specially made as they allow customers to "slide" when bowling helping you hit that strike. It is important that these shoes are worn at all times as the incorrect footwear is a potential safety risk and can damage the approach to the lanes. 


What is our size range for shoes?
We range from Toddlers size 6 up to Men’s size 16
Men's bowling shoe sizes are the same as their normal shoes.
Women's bowling shoe sizes are one size below their normal shoe size. Example a ladies size 8 is a bowling size 7.
Kid's shoe sizes are the same as their normal shoes.
Unfortunately, there are no half sizes.


Are there any organizations that you have teamed up with that offer discounts for bowling?

We offer a range of discounts to select organizations we have partnered up with. If you are a member or subscriber of one of the following, please check out the relevant links for how to redeem: 






I make a mean hommus dip, can I bring my own food and drinks to centre?
No outside food and beverage of any kind is permitted to be brought into the bowling centre. 


Hmmm okay, what food do you sell?
We sell a range of foods from: hot dogs, burgers, nachos, freshly-prepared or toasted sandwiches and more to fulfil your taste buds!


For allergen enquiries, click here.




Okay I am ready to bowl, do I need to pre-book or can I just rock up?
We always recommend making a booking to guarantee your lane prior to arriving at our venue. 
Click here to book now


Is the pricing per person or for the lane?
All prices are per person, unless it is a price based on quantity of people.
Check out our prices & specials page for more information


What's the cheapest you can do for us for a family of (4, 5, 6 etc.) with bowling?
Great question, have you checked out our family deal


What deals are there on the weekends? 
On our weekends we have the following deals available:

  • Friday Nights after 8pm & Saturday Nights after 6pm: 3 Games of Bowling for $22.00 Per Person including shoe hire.


  • Standard Games: $13.50 per adult & $11.00 per child or student (shoe hire included)


For more information on any of the above click here


What are your prices? 

For Bowling, click here

For Birthday parties click here

For Functions, click here


I booked online, but want to change or cancel my booking. How can I go by doing this?

Please call us directly as soon as possible to ensure availability for all guests to play without disrupting other bookings.
Modifying or cancelling your online booking cannot be done online. 

I booked online, but never received an email confirmation, why? 
If you didn’t receive a confirmation email here are some reasons why:

  • The email supplied could have been entered incorrectly

  • It could have ended up in your junk email, have a quick look to double check

If you would like us to double check, please email with your name, the date you booked for and the email address you used to book with.




What are your opening hours?
Our doors open at 8:30am everyday and our closing times can vary day by day.
Please click here to view our current trading hours.

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